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WYNDHAM Basketball Association is encouraging every basketballer out there to ADAPT, CONNECT and IMPROVE with its online training platform.

We’re sure many of you are missing your teammates, trainings, competing on the court and getting coached by your mentors in person. Trust us, you’re not alone.

While we aren’t back in our stadiums just yet, Wyndham Basketball Association (WBA) is doing everything it can to keep its community focused and engaged from lounge rooms and backyards across the region and beyond.

Live and interactive video sessions, Online Coaching Clinics and HomeCourt challenges just scrape the surface of what Wyndham currently promotes.

Wyndham Basketball’s Marketing and Communications Officer Sean Rogasch said all challenges of our current situation aside, there is no reason for basketball not to remain a thriving community.

“We knew early this time was going to be challenging for all basketball lovers,” Rogasch said. “We wanted to ensure we provided the best opportunity we could for our members to keep engaged with their hoops, without being able to play and train as normal.

“To do so, we’ve focused our energy on a mixture of live, online training and education sessions (via Zoom) and recorded training videos. In addition, we have utilised the free access to the HomeCourt app during this time.”

WBA’s live, online programs are a great way to interact with basketball while social distancing remain in place as all training sessions take place via video link. Participants simply register, then receive an email with the Zoom link.



  • 5 weeks’ worth of 90 second skills videos for Aussie Hoops, Domestic and Representative level players
  • 15-minute, weekly live online sessions of WBA regular training programs – at Aussie Hoops, Domestic and Representative level
  • Weekly HomeCourt challenge for WBA representative teams
  • Sunday representative training with one age group per week for each representative team (via Zoom) 

Yesterday Wyndham also launched a new Player Performance Education live Zoom session, featuring elite players explaining what makes them the players they are. On top of this, Wyndham has plans to launch a competition alongside Western Leisure Services using HomeCourt, giving anyone from across Wyndham the chance to win a portable basketball ring.

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Here's something new our aspiring elite players will LOVE. We'll be running regular Player Performance Education (PPE) sessions, featuring a selection of elite and pro players. And we're starting off with with a BANG – the best player in the WNBL, Kelsey Griffin. Kelsey plays for University of Canberra Capitals and was a top 3 WNBA draft pick in 2010. An All-American at Nebraska University, since moving to Australia, Kelsey has become a 4x WNBL champion (including 3x GF MVP). Alongside Kelsey is NBL1 star import Dain Swetalla. Playing with Nunawading Basketball, Dain won the NBL1 championship and GF MVP and was an All-Star in 2019 – not a bad season! Our two guest will talk about what makes elite players, elite and take questions during the session. All players are welcome and it is a FREE session, but you must register here – https://bit.ly/2KcHSAy to receive the Zoom link. #WynAsOne #HoopsAtHome

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  • Hosting a weekly Online Coaching Clinic, featuring some of the country’s best coaches. These have proven especially popular, with coaches tuning in from across the state, country and even a handful from the US and Europe.
  • Age group coach meetings with Rep coaches – led by coaching leads


Wyndham’s priority is keeping all athletes active and determined to become the best players, teammates and people they can.

“It’s such a challenging time for everyone” explained Rogasch. “Keeping motivated and engaged in activities we love is crucial, to not only for our fitness, but perhaps more importantly for our mental health.

“We’ve made everything we’re doing free because we know the importance of keeping as many people as we possibly can engaged with the #HoopsAtHome!”

Rogasch said the community’s response to Wyndham’s programs has been tremendously positive and motivates the coaches to try new options too.

“The OCC sessions have been a great highlight for our coaching community. The response has been off the charts and the quality of coaches happy to connect and share their knowledge has been overwhelming.

“All in all, the athletes most willing to engage and be flexible in their approach to getting better will benefit most.

“No, it’s not the ordinary way to train, but if you have a growth mindset and are willing to adapt, you can get better and be ready to excel when we do eventually return.”

Wyndham’s live, online programs are accessible and available to anyone and everyone – not just limited to WBA members.

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