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The Victorian College Championships (VCC) is an open competition for all Secondary Schools throughout the state. Schools compete in regional qualifying tournaments at select venues around Melbourne with winners progressing to Championship Finals.

The VCC has a Senior Division for Under 19’s, an Intermediate Division for Under 17’s and a Junior Division for Under 15’s. All Divisions include a competition for male and female teams.


Important Information


  • Regional Days commence at 9.30am and concludes no later than 3.00pm.
  • Games will consist of 2 x 12 minute halves on a 30-minute schedule.
  • Entries are to be completed online and schools can enter as many teams as they wish in any division (dependant on final competition numbers).
  • Players entering Division 2 are allocated points depending on the level of representative basketball they play. Division 2 teams can have a MAXIMUM of 20 points to be eligible. Point allocation is as follows:
    • NBL1, Big V, VC or VC Reserve – 8 points
    • VJL1 or VJL2 – 5 points
    • VJL3 or VJL4 – 3 points
    • Regional – 1 point
  • All games will be officiated by 2 referees
  • 2020 entries open – 5 February
  • 2020 entries close – 25 March



Thursday 14th May 2020 Dandenong Senior VCC Qualifying
Tuesday 19th May 2020 Dandenong Inter VCC Qualifying
Wednesday 10th June 2020 Dandenong Junior VCC Qualifying


Wednesday 6th May 2020 Nunawading Senior VCC Qualifying
Thursday 21st May 2020 Nunawading Inter VCC Qualifying
Thursday 4th June 2020 Nunawading Junior VCC Qualifying


Tuesday 12th May 2020 SBC Senior VCC Qualifying
Wednesday 27th May 2020 SBC Inter VCC Qualifying
Friday 5th June 2020 SBC Junior VCC Qualifying


Thursday 7th of May 2020 Werribee Senior VCC Qualifying
Friday 22nd May 2020 Werribee Inter VCC Qualifying
Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Werribee Junior VCC Qualifying


Wednesday 3rd June 2020 SBC Senior VCC Finals
Thursday 11th June 2020 SBC Inter VCC Finals
Tuesday 23rd June 2020 SBC Junior VCC Finals



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