bv_logoBasketball Victoria’s Tribunal has been established to deal with poor behaviour, both on and off the court.  It is usually administered on Basketball Victoria’s behalf at local associations.  Most reports are lodged by referees but others are also empowered to lodge reports.  Hearings are kept as informal as possible but certain procedures must be followed by the Tribunal Members.  Tribunals are heard by between 2 and 3 members.  The offences under the Tribunal By-laws carry maximum penalties, with life-time bans  being the most serious for physical offences against officials.



Please find below a summary of Tribunal Hearings from 2013 to 2019 and earlier where suspensions are still being served.

Download Current Tribunal Report (updated July 2021)



Report Form

Notice to Reported Person or Team

Alternative Procedure Offer

Tribunal Chair Checklist

Tribunal Administration Checklist 

Tribunal Hearing Report

Penalty and Appeals Advice

Tribunal Offences Summary



For more information about Basketball Victoria’s policies contact Gerry Glennen, Governance & Operations Manager

P: 03 9837 8000