Talking Split – Around The Grounds

Lockdown life is well and truly set in for the Victorians at the moment, but we’ve got your resources covered.

We check in with all the High Performance Coaches to find out a few things, what they’re reading, what they’re watching, what they’re listening to, and what professional development they’re working on whilst we wait to get back on court.

We do need our listeners to help out the coaches in podcast land, and this is your chance to appear on the Talking Split podcast. All we need from you is an audio recording of:

  • What are you reading
  • What are you watching
  • What are you listening to
  • What professional development are you doing right now

We will collate all these and play as many as we can on the podcast in a couple of weeks time to give as many coaches as many resources as we can. All submissions need to be in by Monday 27th July and can be sent to or via the DM’s on Twitter. If it’s easier for anyone, I’m happy to jump on a Zoom and take the recording that way. Anyone that appears on the podcast will receive a small gift courtesy of the Talking Split fairies – don’t get your hopes up though, this isn’t Oprah

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