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Chantel Horvat (Geelong)

Victorian High Performance Program Information

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Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup (ACJBC)

The first ACJBC was held in 1985 and consisted of 28 teams from New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Each year, upwards of 60 teams and 700 players, coaches and officials take part including teams from Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand in the U14, U16 and U18 age groups. The standard of competition continues to improve year after year but the original development aspect has been maintained and become remarkably successful.

2018 dates

16 January – 21 January 2018



East Coast Challenge (ECC)

The ECC is a concept originally set up by Basketball Victoria and Basketball New South Wales for metropolitan athletes at U16 and U18 level to compete in a round robin style tournament in Sydney. Due to the success in recent years, South Australia Metro and ACT have joined.

In January, eight Victoria Metropolitan teams (two U16 Boys’ and Girls’ teams and two U18 Boys’ & Girls’ teams) play against teams from each of the other states. The Under 16 teams are selected from Victoria Metropolitan’s selection camps while the U18 teams consists of the final 24 athletes that remain in the Victoria Metro U18 state team selection process for the upcoming Australian Junior Championships.

The ECC is a fantastic development tool as it takes the players away from the comfort zone they may find themselves in with their regular Friday night team and routine. This creates positive challenges for players as they need to adapt, while away from home, yet still at the level expected of them.

2018 dates:
10-12 January, 2018

Australian Junior Championships (AJC)


Georgia Pineau (Melbourne)

Australian Junior Championships provide young basketballers with the opportunity to play in an elite tournament representing their club, school or state on the national stage. Australian Junior Championships have been and remain an important stepping stone in the careers of many Australian basketballers. Many of Australia’s best players took part in Australian Junior Championships before going on to represent Australia at the Olympic or World Championships including Opals Penny Taylor and Kristi Harrower, and Boomers David Andersen and Matthew Dellavedova.

Basketball Australia conducts the following six Australian Junior Championships throughout the year, and Basketball Victoria sends representatives from Country and Metro Victoria to the U16 and U18 AJCs, and combined teams to the U20s.






Country/Metro Border

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