Respect For Our Game

Permissible, under the Respect for Our Game rules

Coaches and Team Captains can:

  • Question a call, as long as the reaction is not aggressive, overly demonstrative nor prolonged.
  • Approach the referee to ask a question, as long as it‚Äôs done in a courteous manner, is not prolonged and ends when the offical has provided an answer.


Not permissible under the Respect for Our Game rules, but can result in a warning:

  • Holding arms in the air for a prolonged period of time.
  • Continuing to try and discuss a call after the official has responded.
  • Demonstrating a signal for a call – for example, travel or a type of foul.
  • Repeatedly asking questions, making comments or gesturing.


Not permissible under the Respect for Our Game rules:

Clear examples of dissent or disrespect are:

  • Using profanity or shouting after a call.
  • Aggressive hand claps directed at an official.
  • Running towards or aggressively approaching an official.
  • Wave offs, aggressive or excessive arm motions.
  • Prolonged complaining about a call, particularly after being told to stop.
  • Frantically running. Away from a play after a call or non-call.
  • Using language or gestures likely to incite or offend spectators.

Will result in the calling of a Technical Foul – the penalty is 2 shots plus possession. The actions listed above are classified as Behavioural Technical Fouls