Individual Registration

Individual Registration


In 2019, a new online platform built by basketball for basketball – PlayHQ was launched for Victorian Basketball clubs and associations.  PlayHQ is aligning basketball participants across Victoria under a common registration fee structure and user experience.  This will ensure a standardised online registration process, as well as providing a competition management solution tailored for Basketball.

The majority of Victorian Basketball clubs and associations have been brought onto the PlayHQ platform, with over 100,000 successful registrations already processed.


How to register – players and parents?

If your association or club has been set up and their season registrations are open, parents / adult participants can access a season registration link via their association or club website or by visiting (to find their association or club).

The only way to register to your club or association’s competition season is via the direct club or association link provided or located on

First time users will be directed to set up a PlayHQ profile at via the direct registration link, and then will be circled back to the registration form to easily register their dependents or themselves to the relative competition season.

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Participant Support

If parents or individual participants need help while trying to register – please visit the PlayHQ Support site or you can lodge a support ticket and the Basketball Victoria Digital Support team will assist. There are communication tools here to help participants understand as well.

If associations require further communications or assistance regarding the project please contact the following:

Basketball Victoria Digital Support Team

David Owies – Senior Digital Support Officer –

Kevin Ng – Digital Support Officer –

Matt Shimell – Digital Support Officer –

Matt McIntosh – GM Communications, Marketing & Digital –

For detailed information on registration types, why the change is occurring, process changes and fees, support and training or technology please click on a button below.