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What system/technology will be used to implement these changes?

Basketball Victoria has formed a partnership with a local digital agency to develop – PlayHQ – a fully functional, easy to use, customer focused member and competition management platform for our member associations, clubs and participants. This new technology system will be replacing the current solution(s) as we progressively transition throughout 2020 with training and support on PlayHQ.

PlayHQ has successfully rolled-out for a pilot group of associations for the Summer 2019/20 season, Term 1/Autumn associations are currently taking registrations and trainning is underway for associations and clubs for their 2020 Winter season. In addition, there will be on-going development and enhancements of the platform throughout 2020 and beyond. There has been deep input from BV in terms of the sports requirements and user acceptance testing, plus, a select group of associations and clubs have been consulted to confirm the requirements for the sport and to test the system.

Full details in regard to PlayHQ functionality, roll-out, training and support will continue throughout 2020.

As well as the dedicated training and support from the BV digital support team, there is a specific PlayHQ support portal with tips and advice, plus a Helpdesk for Basketball Victoria associations, clubs and participants.

For more information visit BV Support

Will it be compulsory to use PlayHQ?

Yes. To enable all of us to reap the benefits of a holistic database and common system (as detailed previously), and as per the BV Member Obligation By-laws (September 2019) – all associations and their affiliated clubs must use PlayHQ for participant registration.

Electronic Scoring

PlayHQ has developed an electronic scoring platform to integrate with the registration and competition management system. This will replace the existing Courtside and/or Stadium Scoring apps for those using them. The scoring platform will be ‘tech agnostic’ or friendly to all platforms, hardware and operating systems – therefore no need for new hardware if you already have existing laptops or tablets.

The SportsTG Stadium Scoring application that is in use by a number of associations will continue to be supported until associations are migrated off onto PlayHQ (this applies for Victorian associations only).

The system allows for paper score sheets and manual score entry as well if preferred.

Will PlayHQ integrate with other systems?

Yes. PlayHQ will initially  will have the ability to integrate with FIBA Live Stats – (Genius Sports) for Big V game scoring and statistics. PlayHQ will have the ability to integrate with potential third party applications in the future on a case by case basis.

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