PlayHQ Registration Tools and Self-Help

To assist with the transition to online individual registration and the PlayHQ platform, there are a number of communication tools including videos, as well as a self-help portal that associations and clubs can pass onto participants to educate and support the change.


PlayHQ Reg Poster

Communication Tools for Participants

Please find below some communication tools for associations and clubs to utilise / download to assist informing participants and parents/guardians of how to register and use PlayHQ.


View via PC/Mac

View via mobile phone

PlayHQ – Support Site and Helpdesk

As well as the dedicated training and support from the BV digital support team, there is a specific PlayHQ support portal tailored with tips, advice and a Helpdesk for Basketball Victoria associations, clubs and participants.

For more information or to browse, visit the PlayHQ Support Site

If associations require further communications or assistance regarding the project please contact the following:

Project Specific Queries:

Basketball Victoria Digital Support Team

David Owies – Senior Digital Support Officer –

Kevin Ng – Digital Support Officer –

Ben White – Digital Support Officer –

Matt McIntosh – GM Communications, Marketing & Digital –

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