National Volunteer Week is on!

National Volunteer Week is the time to reflect on the amazing people who give their all back to basketball.

It’s time to celebrate our volunteers – direct message us your videos or messages of support for Victoria’s basketball volunteers!

Held across Australia this week (18-24 May 2020), Basketball Victoria wants to take this week to celebrate those people who often prefer to man the spotlight than stand in it.

Approximately 1.8 million Australians donate their time and energy to community sport and recreation clubs – with the labour input of these volunteers estimated to be valued at AUD$4 billion annually. Our sport thrives because our volunteer community wants basketball to thrive. Volunteers drive our sport to greater heights year after year, generation after generation.

That passionate, pure energy brought to associations and clubs across Victoria is incredible as parents, players, friends and family ensure our game continues to trend upwards.

This week we’re cheering for those people who don’t make the big shots on the court, but are just as important to their associations and clubs as our players, coaches and referees.

Send through your videos and photos via direct message or to thanking our volunteers as well look to celebrate this amazing, under-sung community throughout our sport.

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