National Junior Classic 2019 referee appointments

CONGRATULATIONS to the referees appointed to medal games at this year’s National Junior Classic.

Being selected for a medal game highlights the technical prowess, consistency and overall skill required of being a high-tier referee throughout Victorian and Australian basketball.

On behalf of Basketball Victoria and the Technical Officials Commission, we’d like to thank all the referees, referee coaches and our administrators who ensured the tournament would be officiate to the best possible standard.




U18 Men Gold: Brittany Andreola – Nunawading, Sam Viergever – Knox, , Joshua Durand – Hawthorn.

U18 Men Bronze: Declan Hamilton – Waverley, Niam Westaway – Dandenong, Liam Staff – Knox


U18 girls

U18 Women Gold:  Mitchell Jordan – Mornington, Bradley Power – Knox, Jessica Skrzyniarz  – Waverley

U18 Women Bronze: Cameron Crees – Knox, Matt Swansson – Ringwood, Travis Wade – Ringwood


u16 boys 

U16 Men Gold: Tate Wheatland – Werribee, Jack Charnley – Sandringham

U16 Men Bronze: Ben Dimasi – Altona, Ross Ikosidekas – Bulleen


U16 girls 

U16 Girls Gold: Lachie Volk – Ringwood, Anthony Russo – Broadmeadows

U16 Girls Bronze: Anne-Marie Barker – McKinnon, Maddison Gordyn – Knox

u14 girls

U14 Boys Gold: David Brogno – Eltham, John Beaton – Hawthorn

U14 Boys Bronze: Jack Fone – Hawthorn, Lachie Dawson – Dandenong


U14 girls

U14 Girls Gold: Graeme Nixon – Knox, Ethan Downes – Kilsyth

U14 Girls Bronze: Caitlyn McInnes – Melton, Kelsey Tranter – Sandringham

u12 boys

U12 Boys Gold: Patrick Puyat – Melton, Adrian Alessio – Broadmeadows

U12 Boys Bronze: Emily Skrzyniarz – Waverley, Zach Sheridan – Waverley


u12 girls

U12 Girls Gold: Zachary Marshman – Mornington, James Kyriakopoulos – Etham

U12 Girls Bronze: Ashleigh Doran – Eltham, Jake Johansson – Dandenong

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