Know More


When you know more… you have the strength to say no more. 

No more discrimination. No more racism. No more sexism. No more domestic violence.

Victorian basketball is a diverse, active and welcoming community. Across the entirety of the state, across our associations and throughout our clubs, the game welcomes you with open arms no matter who you are, who you love or how you wish to live your life.

So this is Basketball Victoria’s promise to our associations, our clubs, our families and friends. You have to be accountable. Everyone one of us can make our stadia, our teams and our games more welcoming. There is no excuse for hatred. It is on us to call out hatred and tell them… NO MORE.

We have compiled a number of resources to help create more cohesive and welcoming environments at your club, association or even within your family or friend group. What matters most is making yourself aware and knowing more about our diverse landscape.

Further Know More resources and campaign videos tackling other issues within the community will be announced soon.


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