Jontee Brown joins Basketball Victoria

Basketball Victoria is pleased to announce the appointment of Jontee Brown to our staff working with our wheelchair basketball programs.

Brown started recently at Basketball Victoria as our Diversity and Inclusion Officer (Wheelchair Basketball), helping expand our wheelchair basketball staff and add first-hand expertise and experience at the elite levels of the sport.

Jontee brings a wealth of Wheelchair Basketball knowledge to our programs, having played at an elite level throughout his in Australia and internationally. Jontee has flourished at home and abroad in wheelchair basketball and narrowly missed out on making the Australian Rollers Men’s squad at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, but he has a bright future in the green and gold.

“Wheelchair basketball has changed my life over the past five years, Brown said. “For me this sport has become life; it’s something I passionately do every day and has become another job for myself – it allows me to be competitive and be the best athlete I can be.”

Rising through the ranks in Victoria, Jontee was the captain of the Victorian Wheelchair team that achieved our first Kevin Coombs Cup championship victory in 2018 and has continued to volunteer his time assisting our KCC team since completing his time in the Victorian junior ranks.

“I think having insight from my own experience and the knowledge of the sport allows me to create a stronger insight into change as well as the mutual interest of wheelchair basketball from myself to everyone else in the community,” Brown said. “Playing in Europe for two years also allowed me to see how leagues and clubs were ran in a different country from a different perspective and this is something I hope I can bring in to help Victoria.

“It’s also a challenge for myself to bring in these experiences and make change, the important thing is we all want the same outcome and it’s what I can do to make that happen and allow everyone from any level to have access and play wheelchair basketball here in Victoria.”

Jontee’s role will be to develop our wheelchair basketball pathways and help bring even more incredible athletes into the program’s rich history.

“This role allows me to look at the sport from a different perspective being a player and former Basketball Victoria junior athlete,” Brown said. “The key programs I’m excited to go into more depth with is the development and pathways of junior athletes and their guide to playing nationally.
“Also helping to shape the pathway for players of any age to play the sport at a local level and gain the benefits of  social inclusion for all athletes as they progress along the pathways within Victoria.

“At the moment we have some exciting opportunities in the works for all Wheelchair Basketball athletes and we are excited to continue to push them to greater levels.”

He will also work alongside Jason Bryant, our recently appointed Wheelchair Basketball State Development Program Lead and State Team Head Coach, to help push our wheelchair basketball programs and competitions to new levels.

If anyone is interested in reaching out to Jontee to discuss getting involved in wheelchair basketball, find out about whether their disability allows them to play wheelchair basketball or to discuss starting wheelchair basketball programs at your association/club, he can be contacted via email:

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