Inclusion Resources

Basketball Victoria’s prime objective is to continue to improve service delivery, educate the basketball community on inclusion principles, grow public awareness and support for inclusive programs and continue to grow participation across a wide number of areas statewide, thus enhancing the basketball community as a whole. These resources are available for all to use.

‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-2023

Basketball Victoria is proud to release our ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2021-2023. Our vision for reconciliation is to respect and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures within the basketball community and ensure equitable opportunity for participation and development. Basketball Victoria plays a major role in enabling all members of the community to receive these benefits by ensuring that the sport is accessible and welcoming to all. 

Welcoming Indigenous Australians into your Association

Basketball Victoria is committed to reconciliation and the ongoing inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into basketball through associations and environments that are welcoming and culturally sensitive.

Communication Guide

Basketball Victoria used a deliberate and thorough approach to planning for the IBS including planning for evaluation. During this phase of funding, BV used a comprehensive suite of initiatives to support participation at all levels. This resource outlines the processes used to help ensure basketball is welcoming and inclusive to people with a disability.

Basketball Victoria Disability Framework

Basketball Victoria is committed to providing opportunity for people of ALL abilities to be involved in basketball and has implemented a range of strategies to assist all affiliated Associations and member Clubs to be accessible and implement inclusive practices and programs. Participatory opportunities have been developed through playing, coaching, officiating, volunteering and administrating thus allowing choice and the opportunity to be involved in a level that suits.

Basketball Victoria Inclusive Basketball Strategy Evaluation Report

Inclusive Basketball Strategy Evaluation Report Program Summary

Basketball Victoria (BV) is recognised as a leader in inclusive practice and has taken full advantage of its exemplar status granted by VicHealth to advocate for increased access and equity for people with disabilities in all sports settings.

Basketball Support Grant Program – Case Study

The Inclusive Basketball Strategy, supported by VicHealth, aims to ensure that basketball is a sport that enables everyone to participate. One of our initiatives is to provide grants to affiliated associations to assist them in becoming more inclusive. The 2013 Grants Case Studies collection provides a brief description of the programs we funded to assist other associations to become more inclusive