Electronic Scoring

29 January, 2020

PlayHQ Scoring Application has been released! 

Like the rest of the PlayHQ platform, the system is being tailor-made for basketball from the ground up, so what’s available now is just the beginning. There’s a lot more functionality to come, but the foundations have been laid with a simple, user-friendly experience at the forefront of our minds. 

The scoring platform can be accessed by association administrators who have been on-boarded via the URL – score.playhq.com and instructions, support and self-help guides can be found below. 

For those associations who are yet to be trained / on-boarded, this is an FYI and you will have access once training is complete and competitions set up. 

The system has been tested thoroughly across a multitude of devices, browsers and scenarios, but with all new systems, there may be some teething issues in the first couple of weeks, so it is recommended that a scoresheet also be used alongside electronic scoring initially. 

Minimum system requirements 

Recommended devices and browsers 

The scoring application is browser based (works across most hardware/devices) and PlayHQ recommends the use of the following devices and browsers:


  • Windows 10 
  • Intel Core i5 processor 
  • 8GB RAM 
  • Google Chrome 73 or later 



  • iPad 5th generation (2017) or later 
  • iOS Safari 11.3 or later 

 Compatible devices and browsers 

In addition to the recommended devices and browsers, the PlayHQ scoring application is compatible with the following devices and browsers:




Internet connectivity 

While the PlayHQ scoring application is browser-based, it can operate and store multiple games with or without a live internet connection. If scoring off-line, the results are sent immediately to the database as soon as the device is connected.

Future Features / Under Development 

 In addition, the following functionality and enhancements will be progressively released in the near future: 

  • Refinement of user interface and functionality 
  • Expansion to game results in fixtures/ladders/results 
  • Sin bin time countdown 
  • Finals eligibility enforcement 
  • Post-game matching of fill-ins with player records 
  • Restricted venue supervisor account access for downloading games only 
  • Policing participation of fill-ins without BV licence (2 games max) 
  • Ability for associations to prohibit fill-ins 
  • Referee codes for signing off of games and game log 
  • State-wide tribunal suspensions 

 Please note: unlike previous eScoring systems, when a fill-in adds themselves to a game on the new PlayHQ scoring device, this will not constitute registration to the team or season; they will just be added at game level. They will need to complete the online registration form in order to be fully registered. 

If your association has never used electronic scoring before and you’d like to test drive it before implementing, please get in contact with us. 

If you have any feedback on electronic scoring or any other component of PlayHQ, please collate on behalf of your association and send it through. Our goal is to give our administrators and participants the best possible experience and your feedback is an important part to tailoring and improving the system. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in contact if assistance is required. 

Digital Support Team