Drills With Delly!

What does it take to reach the top of the game? 

Drills With Delly, presented by Spalding, is a series of basketball drills designed to enhance, improve and refine the everyday skills you take for granted with your special guest coach Matthew Dellavedova! 

Whether it’s the fundamentals of dribbling and passing or more complicated techniques as you grow in the game, Drills With Delly gives you the tools to learn these elite skills at home. 

All you need is a basketball and the desire to improve your game РDelly will help you do the rest!    

Matthew Dellavedova has ticked off some amazing achievements in his career so far; an eight-year career in the NBA ‚Äď highlighted by an NBA Championship, a two-time Australian Olympic Games representative and had his number retired¬†at¬†St¬†Marys¬†Gaels in American college basketball. All of this¬†from the Maryborough marvel who rose through the ranks in Victoria Country basketball and Australian pathways on his way to the top.¬†

With thanks to Spalding, a group of Victoria’s best up-and-coming stars were on hand for a once in a lifetime clinic with Delly¬†in 2019.¬†Our players and coaches took on board Delly‚Äôs wisdom and insights from starring at the international level of basketball‚Ķ and now you can too!¬†

We made sure this clinic and the amazing knowledge imparted to our players, could be shared by all as it’s important for everyone to know what it takes to reach that level. 

The Drills With Delly series focuses on precise training exercises and skills development. Whether you’re a player aiming to improve or a coach who is keen to sharpen their team’s skills, this is the series for you! 

All videos are available on our Youtube channel, Facebook and Instagram.


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