Athletes may choose to transfer clubs for a variety of reasons. However, before transferring, athletes (and where appropriate, their parents) need to be aware that a clearance may be required as part of the respective competition by-laws.

Basketball Victoria encourages all athletes and families to contact competition administrators directly if they have any questions or queries about the clearance process.

For Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia competitions, clearances must be processed before an athlete is eligible to transfer to another club or association.

All players who have registered to play in a senior representative competition in Australia and who wish to transfer to another club must be cleared from their old club before taking the court with their new club.  The clearance requirement does not elapse within a given time-frame.

VJBL and your local associations junior domestic registration is separately held.  A player may play for one club in VJBL and another in Big V.  In this instance a clearance is not required as Big V is a senior competition.  The player will however require a clearance if they have ever registered to play Big V at another club.


Clearances between VJBL associations

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Please note that Clearances will not be activated until October.  If you wish to train at another Association, or participate in any online training sessions at another association, you will need to apply for a Permission to Train form as below.

Apply for a VJBL Clearance (currently not available)

Permission to Train Application

Players wishing to obtain ‘Permission to Train’ at another association must contact their current association.

Your current association contact will then email the association you are wishing to train with, you will be cc’d in on the email.  Associations will have 5 business days to send the email due to Association staff working on limited hours or the contact being a volunteer. The email will state how long you are eligible to train for with a minimum of 28 days.

If you haven’t received a response within 5 business days, please call the emergency phone 0430 541 847.

Clearances from Big V to Big V

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The “Destination Association” must submit clearance online on behalf of the player (players are not to submit), irrespective of the time period that has lapsed since the player last registered and played for another Big V Association.

Note: Destination Association must ensure there is enough games remaining within that division in that competition season for the player to meet finals qualification requirements before the player registers and clearance is submitted

Click Here for online Big V to Big V Clearance Form

Further Domestic (Australia) Clearances

  • NBL1 to Big V
  • Big V to NBL1
  • Big V or NBL1 to Another State League
  • Another State League to Big V or NBL1


Step 1: Complete a Basketball Australia Domestic Clearance Form gaining approval from the club and league in which you are no longer playing with and looking to gain official clearance approval from.

Basketball Australia Domestic Clearance Form

Step 2: Once completed send the Basketball Australia Domestic Clearance Form to the relevant new league contact in which you will now be lodging for approval to play within that league.


Basketball Victoria Senior Representative Leagues Contacts

Big V

Jeff Downes


NBL1 South

Alison Cody

International Clearances

Click here for further information from Basketball Australia

Click here for International Clearance Form

Returning College Players

All Australian Citizen college players who have returned fully from college and will not be going back are required to have an approved international clearance from Basketball Australia

Click here for International Clearance Form

Basketball Australia

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