BV Promoting Projects for Female Physical Activity

THROUGHOUT Victoria, we’re seeing more and more women and girls commit to playing our sport at all levels.

From the peaks of elite sport all the way through to domestic games and pick-up games amongst friends, every single participant matters as we look to increase health and wellbeing throughout the state.

Basketball Victoria is a proud partner of VicHealth’s This Girl Can – Victoria campaign and has seen the powerful message spread across our community. Our associations, clubs, teams and individual players have created their own events and programs to encourage further participation for female players of all ages.

As a state sporting organisation, Basketball Victoria is thrilled to see women and girls from all backgrounds, ability levels and at all ages in life get out there and give basketball a try.


Basketball Victoria visited Stawell Women’s Day Basketball Club earlier this year to showcase their successes and highlight just how important competitions, and the communities that grow from them, are for women and girls throughout the state.

This was only the beginning though.

We want to share your stories and showcase the successes out there in our Victorian basketball associations, clubs and the community as a whole. If you’re developing opportunities for women and girls in basketball – let us know.

We want to hear your stories and celebrate your programs, competitions, tournaments and events that give women and girls further opportunities within our game.

If you’d like Basketball Victoria to visit your association or highlight your program or event, please click here complete the form and we’ll be in contact shortly.

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