Basketball Victoria statement – bushfire smoke in stadiums

BASKETBALL Victoria has been contacted by some associations regarding policy on what to do about bushfire smoke in stadiums. 

Unfortunately, the amount of smoke entering stadiums depends on many factors, as such, there is not a one size fits all policy.

If there is a lot of smoke outside, keeping doors and windows closed, as much as possible, will reduce the amount of smoke coming in from outside. If the stadium is air conditioned and the system can be switched to recirculate rather than bringing in air from outside, this should be done. If the air conditioning or evaporative cooling system can only bring in air from outside, consideration should be given to turning it off. If this is done, the temperature in the stadium should be closely monitored in line with the Basketball Victoria heat policy.

If the air is particularly smoky outside, consideration should be given to taking the measures outlined in the heat policy, such as reduced game times and more timeouts or cancelling activities in extreme circumstances.

If you choose to, you may consider researching pollution measuring devices for indoor use. If a stadium has one of these, it can measure micro particles known as PM 2.5 / PM 10. Bushfire smoke is one of the causes of these micro particles.

You can also monitor outdoor air quality conditions with the Vic Emergency App and/or website.

Ultimately it is a matter for the stadium management and competition organisers to exercise due care for the safety and welfare of staff and participants.

For further information on current bushfires, download the Vic Emergency App, tune in to ABC Radio and visit the and websites for continual updates.

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