Basketball Victoria statement: 2018 SSANBA Summer Slam

THE following is a statement from Basketball Victoria regarding SSANBA’s decision to cancel the 2018 SSANBA Summer Slam basketball tournament.

Due to external restrictions placed on the event, the South Sudanese National Basketball Association (SSANBA) was unable to accommodate these demands and subsequently host the 2018 Summer Slam.

Basketball Victoria worked diligently with SSANBA and other stakeholders to secure an appropriate location and venue to host the 2018 Summer Slam. Our staff worked with various councils and authorities to ensure SSANBA, its players, coaches and the entirety of the basketball community would have an opportunity to participate in the tournament.

This unfortunately was unable to come to fruition due to the severity of external restrictions placed on this event, including but not limited to:

  • notification of the event being provided to the surrounding residents and other tenants of the reserve, including an outline of any conflicts with their activities and impacts on the reserve
  • financing bus-in, bus-out transportation for all participants
  • maintaining restricted day-time hours and only having a half-day grand final
  • plans to avoid build-up of crowd numbers on site throughout the tournament

These are requirements scarcely demanded for other Victorian basketball tournaments and rarely required throughout the entirety of the sporting community.

Basketball Victoria will continue to work closely with SSANBA and to support the development and inclusion of all Victorians in our sport. A number of options for 2019 will be on our priority list, including a number of teams entered into the Eltham-Dandenong Tournament in January 2019, one of the largest sporting tournaments in the Southern Hemisphere, a Talent ID invitational camp and a number of coaching courses.

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