Referees use AGSV basketball for three-person officiating development

Basketball Victoria would like to extend its thanks to the AGSV for using its highest basketball competition to assign three-person officiating to all competition fixtures.

Basketball Victoria would like to thank the Associated Grammar Schools Victoria (AGSV) and Troy Rowe for allowing us to use their 1st Division Basketball Boys competition to appoint a 3-person officiating roster to their games.

We would like to thank and congratulate the following referees for an amazing season:

• Aydin Baker
• Bianca Vernon
• Brittany Andreola
• David Pretty
• Dean Zardo
• Jacob Bolzonello
• Josh Nichols
• Katie Potts
• Mark Longworth
• Matt Robertson
• Matthew Swansson
• Melissa Doran
• Mitch Jordan
• Nathan Williams
• Paul Kunfunda
• Roozbeh Esmaeil
• Sam Carmody
• Sam Viergever
• Simonne Collins
• Steve Chadd
• Tori Agius
• Ty Storer

It is also at this point where would like to congratulate the following referees on their appointment to the AGSV grand final between Marcellin College and Ivanhoe Grammar School:

• Matt Robertson
• Roozbeh Esmaeil
• Mitch Jordan
• Dean Zardo (Emergency)

It was a hotly contested game coming down to 3 points in the end. In front of a crowd close to 500 parents and students the atmosphere was electric and full compliments to the refs from both coaches, and competition organiser was well warranted.

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