Australia reacts to Boomers vs USA

THERE’S no better way to tune up for a tilt at the title than a warm up against the best.

Australia will battle the USA at Etihad Stadium next year in the lead-up to the  FIBA World Cup, once again showcasing Victoria’s status as a desirable destination for all of Australia’s premier basketball outings.

These will be the “hot tickets” of 2019. Australia – featuring the likes of Ben Simmons, Andrew Bogut, Dante Exum and Matthew Dellavedova amongst other superstar Boomers. USA – “Aussie” Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Kevin Durant representing the best of basketball’s motherland. Two nights only in Melbourne at Etihad Stadium – as games of this magnitude needed the biggest space available to achieve this superstar match.

The great lengths gone to in getting this match on cannot be understated. It’s a phenomenal achievement and one worthy of recognition. Basketball Australia, the Victorian Government, USA Basketball and the NBL have all played pivotal parts in getting this clash across the line.

It is certainly big news and hasn’t our state gotten behind this idea already. It was phenomenal to wake up to the metropolitan newspapers splashing this monumental news across their mastheads as well as social media going into a frenzy over this coup for Victorian sport.

Basketball in the papers… back where it belongs. Such amazing news has spread instantly across the internet as everyone has gotten into the celebrations ahead of the biggest basketball fixtures on Australian shores since the 2000 Olympic Games.

Ryan Broekhoff

Ryan Broekhoff celebrates the #BoomersUSA announcement at today’s special event at Etihad Stadium.

Ryan Broekhoff and Andrew Gaze spoke at the announcement this morning about brought the dual perspectives of anticipation from Broekhoff and his Boomers counterparts of the modern day and Gaze with his immense Australian representative history.

It’s an event that will resonate with basketball fans across the state, country and world. It speaks volumes of the direction of basketball in our country and the respect we’ve garnered on the world stage with both our Boomers and Opals in all facets of the game at all levels.

It will be a boon for the entire Australian basketball community as the world’s eager basketball fans tune in to the hit outs in August 2019. To see the USA recognise our status as an important destination in world basketball is just as exciting as the match itself.

Our Boomers are definitely thrilled to see this idea evolve and flourish.

So here’s to the next 18 months waiting for this incredible back-to-back basketball extravaganza to happen.

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