Return to Sport – Decision on Seasons and PlayHQ

Basketball Victoria would like to make the following updates regarding ongoing and upcoming seasons as well as PlayHQ.


Return to Sport Restrictions

Managing our return to basketball training and competitions in a timely, yet safe and controlled manner is critical. This will ensure the health and wellbeing of participants, as well as the viability of our associations and clubs. Upon the planned return to competitive basketball across Victoria, all associations and clubs must adhere to the Basketball Victoria’s Return to Sport Guidelines .

All of the latest COVID-19 updates, including tools, signage and checklists can be found here.



All participants must be registered in PlayHQ to the particular competition season set up (or continued) by an association before any play recommences. Being registered and utilising PlayHQ’s electronic scoring will also assist with any contact tracing required if there is a COVID-19 transmission/outbreak.


Deciding on Competition Seasons

It might seem easier to continue an in-progress season, or to proceed with a season that had collected registrations for but hadn’t as yet commenced. A common reason for this thought process is so you don’t have to go through the registrations process again. However, we advise that clubs and associations consider the following information very carefully before making that decision.


Key Points

  • A percentage of registered players may not immediately return to play basketball because of health concerns or financial strain
  • It is likely that team structure/make-ups and the number of teams will change, thus making previously completed grading of in-progress seasons null and void, resulting in completed games irrelevant
  • Return to sport restrictions will likely mean that the competition/time-slot structure needs to be revamped
  • New terms and conditions (including potential sharing of personal information for COVID contact tracing purposes) may need to be agreed upon by participants



Associations whose autumn seasons were interrupted

If you’re going to cancel the autumn season and commence your spring season, starting afresh by creating the new Spring 2020 season and taking team/participant registrations again is the best choice. Discount vouchers can be issued to players in credit from the cancelled autumn season if required.

If you’re looking at continuing your autumn season, it is worth carefully reconsidering, because it’s likely that you will have to start over in one way or another. There are a number of various reasons for this including but not limited to; the likelihood of fewer returning players meaning reforming teams, reformed teams and teams dropping out means grading again from scratch, and post-COVID restrictions/guidelines means a likely change in competition/time-slot structure.

Also, continuing a season will likely result in more admin work due to the need to identify who is or is not playing, re-working teams and competition/time-slot structure, and manual work in PlayHQ to amend existing in-progress season fixtures.


Associations who collected winter registrations but hadn’t commenced the season

The typical choice to make is whether to play a shortened winter season (over term 3) or to start afresh and commence a longer summer season (terms 3, 4 and 1).

If you’re going to commence a longer summer season, it’s just a case of starting afresh by creating the summer season and taking registrations again. Discount vouchers can be issued to players in credit from the cancelled winter season if required.

However, if you’re looking to play a shortened winter season (over term 3), rather than just continuing to work with the already set-up winter season, it is worth considering starting afresh and taking registrations again, this time for a mini “spring” season (to be run over term 3). This may be easier than checking with every winter registered player to see who is or is not returning. Discount vouchers can be issued to players in credit if you choose to start afresh with a mini spring season.


PlayHQ Actions

Starting A-fresh Approach


  • Create a new season

View support article

  • Setup grades

View support article

  • Setup registration forms and open registrations AND/OR invite clubs (if applicable)

View support article for managing registration forms

View support article for inviting clubs

  • Create and issue discount vouchers for players who are in credit from the cancelled season (if applicable)

View support article


Clubs (if applicable)

  • Accept invitation to new season

View support article

  • Setup registration form and open registrations

View support article

  • Create and issue discount vouchers for players who are in credit from the cancelled season

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Continuing existing season


  • Amend season dates
    • Autumn associations – change end date of season
    • Winter associations – change both start and end of season dates
  • Add a season exception date set for the COVID-19 pandemic interruption

View support article

  • Apply this season exception date set to each grade

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  • Contact BV/PlayHQ support at for advice/assistance with reducing or increasing the number of rounds (if applicable)
  • Cancel registration of those who are no longer playing

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