Individual Registration Project

What is the Basketball Victoria (BV) – Individual Registration Project? 

The Individual Registration Project is about aligning all basketball participants across Victoria under a common registration fee structure and user experience, ensuring a standardised online registration process.

A common registration process will provide many benefits including, an accurate state-wide database to assist with participant and competition management, as well as providing a clear and consistent user experience for all participants, clubs and associations.

What is changing?

Currently, Metropolitan associations collect team based registration fees seasonally and pass those on twice yearly to Basketball Victoria. This differs to the individual registration system currently operating in regional Victoria. The new process will align these systems to individual registration, the same fee structure and new technology to underpin and support it.

What does registration with Basketball Victoria as an individual cover?

Our first priority is to help associations and their affiliated clubs to get participants registered, on court and playing basketball, knowing they are covered and protected by a Basketball Victoria sanctioned association, league, program or event.

A participant who is registered with BV is automatically provided with the following cover and gives access to:

  • Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance
  • Personal Player insurance
  • Affiliation with Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia
  • Opportunity to participate in all BV sanctioned events and competitions
  • Opportunity to participate in education, training, seminars, courses & clinics
  • Participation and eligibility for state team / development programs
  • Administrative and technical support for their local association
  • Ability to manage their own basketball experience
  • Potential commercial opportunities

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