What is the timeline for the change / roll-out?

The roll-out of PlayHQ is going well, we successfully conducted a pilot of the system with 16 associations for the summer season 2019/20. This enabled us to ensure the base level of functionality and the participant experience was working well, iron out any potential system issues and test the processes, face-to-face training and support. With that success, we are progressively rolling out compulsory individual registration on the PlayHQ platform for each association and club as their season commences, eg Term 1 / 2 (Autumn) season associations (and clubs where applicable) have been trained and are taking registrations, and we are in the midst of training associations (and clubs where applicable) to onboard for the Winter Domestic basketball season in 2020.

There are new features and on-going enhancements being regularly deployed to continually improve the platform – this including on-going testing and consultation with a select group of associations and clubs.

The fee change to the annual individual (state-wide) registration fee of $39 and $25 p.p (Senior / Junior) has commenced for any body registering to a competition season at an association that begins in 202, registering via PlayHQ through links housed on association / club websites, social media channels or playhq.com in a staged approach to align with autumn and winter seasons.

Roll-out plan:

  • Summer Season 2019-20 – Select pilot group of associations – DONE
  • Autumn Season 2020 – associations and clubs that conduct an autumn season – (fees change from here on)
  • Winter Season 2020 onwards – a staged approach with remaining associations and clubs
  • Leagues – VJBL, CBL & Big V will come on board during 2020 as required

In addition, we need to ensure all associations and clubs in Victoria are aware of the proposed changes with the correct contact details to assist us to roll-out the support and training.  We ask that each association ensure their clubs (if applicable) are aware of the changes, and that associations / club ensures that participants are also aware of the change and why.

There are communication tools to assist with the transition and they can be found here.

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