Q&A from Return to Sport Forum – June 17, 2020

Q: Does BV has a succinct and authoritative document that we can supply to councils? Council seriously lags behind as they apparently need to make things up for themselves.

A: The COVID Venue Safety Plan and Venue Hirers Questionnaire are designed to provide this. Upon completion, associations will receive a copy of your answers via email for you to submit along with Basketball Victoria’s RTS Guidelines to our Council or Venue Manager.

Q: Will BV provide a COVID Management Plan Template for clubs to use, as we have been advised we will need a specific plan as to how we will implement the BV return to spot guidelines.

A:  As above, the COVID Venue Safety Plan and Venue Hirers Questionnaire should provide this.

Q:  We have had to write an extensive return plan for council based on the BV guidelines, we cannot access stadium without them signing it off…. the one outstanding question is ‘if there is a positive test what will you do’?

A: A COVID Response Strategy has been included in the Basketball Victoria RTS, version 2.

Q:  Can we have Return to Sport doc with white background available please?

A:  All documents and signage are available with either black or white backgrounds.

Q:  How often do we fill in these forms? or submit these forms?

A:  Depending on your council or venue manager you may only need to provide this information once, or they may ask you to resubmit when the Victorian Government restrictions change.

Q:  Any indications on senior domestic return to play?

A:  The Victorian Premier announcement on Sunday the 14th June said that Over 18 Participants may recommence Non-Contact Training from June 22nd, Contact Training July 13th and Competition July 20th, with the two dates in July tentative at this stage and still to be confirmed.

Q: Who bears the cost of QR Code software – the association or the venue owner/management group?

A:  This will need to be discussed with your venue manager. Basketball Victoria has been able to secure a sport wide discount for our members to COVID Comply.

Q:  How do you enforce the QR code if people don’t fill it out?

A: You are within your rights to ask patrons to leave a venue if they refuse to comply with the need to maintain attendance records as it is a requirement of the Victorian Government. However common sense should be used in recognising that some people may not have the technology or a willingness to complete an online form and therefore an alternate manual system should be available.

Q:  In version 2 of the BV RTS, it mentions non-contact training can you clarify more on this?

A:   The Basketball Victoria COVID Response Team are unsure what this reference is made too. However, for clarity, non-contact training is deemed as skill based, no scrimmage training that can be completed by individuals in a team environment.

Q: When are you expecting to get clarification on orange 50?

A:   Basketball Victoria submitted our recommendation to SRV, DHHS and DET on Monday evening. We have been lobbying for acceptance of this position since and will notify members as soon as confirmation is received.

Q: “U19” age bracket makes the split on U18 vs over tricky

A:  The Victorian Premier announcement on Sunday the 14th June the reactivation of competition and training for all participants 18 and under. This should allow for U19 competitions and below.

Q:  When will signage etc be available?

A: A link is now available on the Basketball Victoria website.

Q:  What happens if the parents have young children who are not competing, and they have no one else to look after them?

A: At this stage, we believe that government is wanting to limit any additional people outside of one parent per under age player for child safety purposes. Unfortunately, this will still create inconvenience for a number of people across the community until restrictions ease further



Q:  Have DET provided this information to school principals?

A:   Basketball Victoria and the Indoor Stadiums Working Group will continue to advocate for education facilities to open in accordance with the Premiers announcement. SRV are currently seeking confirmation of behalf of sports.

Q:  We are being told by schools we will have no access until formal notification from DET – regardless of what’s announced.

A:  Basketball Victoria and the Indoor Stadiums Working Group will continue to advocate for education facilities to open in accordance with the Premiers announcement. SRV are currently seeking confirmation of behalf of sports.


20-minute time differential

Q:  Why can’t 20-minute break be 10min if we can get all done in 10?? Is this a BV directive or State Gov directive.

A:  In developing the Return to Sport Guidelines Basketball Victoria aimed to develop strategies that would be manageable for associations and meet the requirements of Local, State and Federal Governments. We believe that a 20-minute differential is manageable with 30 minutes of game time in each 50-minute timeslot.

Q: Why does a 1 court venue require a 20-minute break between games for cleaning and players entering/exiting as well as a 12 court venue, why can’t it be reduced bas on the amount of courts?

A:  The guidelines are designed to minimise the chances of person to person transmission of COVID-19. Therefore not only are they designed to allow for venues to be cleaned, but also for patrons to leave the venue prior to the next group entering without people having to wait in groups at the entry.

Q:  What has to happen to change it from 20mins? Who at BV will decide when we go to green 100? Is there capacity to look at green 50 with a review of the 20min gap which is the biggest concern?

A:  The Basketball Victoria RTS Guidelines are constantly being reviewed in line with Government announcements. As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will modify them as required to best suit the needs of the sport.


Health and Testing

Q: Is there a clear guide to associations on what to do if someone test positive?

A: A COVID Response Strategy has been included in the Basketball Victoria RTS, version 2.

Q:  If a child attend with cold like symptoms can we refuse entry?

A:   Yes, you can refuse entry if there is a genuine concern that someone is showing COVID-like symptoms. Please refer to the Response Planning section in the BV RTS Guidelines, and always use polite communication.

Q:  Is there any need for temperature checks at indoor venues?

A: Mandatory testing has been replaced with recommended in the RTS guidelines. It is not a requirement of Government that patrons are tested and therefore remains optional for associations.



Q: What is the maximum time a referee can be at a venue? We are a small association and only have a couple of refs on hand are we allowed to use them for the whole night?

A: There is no maximum period of time a referee can be in a stadium. Records must be kept on the games the referee officiates on in case a positive test is returned from one of the participants and there is a need to contact trace. We recommend that you ensure referees are provided necessary information and hygiene materials to support their safety.


Holiday Camps

Q:   Can camps run during the upcoming school holidays as per the ‘program’ guidelines Orange 50?

Q:    Can holiday camps run all day?

A:    Holiday camps may run with groups of 20 per court and may also run all day. By nature camps are generally the same group of players all day and records are kept of those in attendance. If multiple groups of 20 are within a facility, participants should not change groups or courts during the day.

Comment from Jenni Screen BV: Please choose cautiously with camps.  These young players have most likely not been exposed to high intensity in past 12 weeks.  Stopping, starting, decelerations, accel, jumping are all going to put unwanted stress on these young bodies very acutely.  Slow and steady.  Please please please.



Q: Assume we are not simply resuming VJBL? What changes are proposed?

A:   Todays announcement of the return date of VJBL was to give associations clarity on Basketball Victoria’s plan. You will inevitably receive questions from coaches and players in the coming days and we wanted to provide information on the dates.

Q:  Has there been any thoughts on VJBL playing 2 games a week? Perhaps playing on Sundays as well as Friday nights.

A:  The JRC and VJBL staff will provide further information on the competitions return in the near future.


PlayHQ & Registrations

Q:  Presumably all affiliations have now expired.  Do all players have to affiliate before they return to competition or could some grace period be negotiated?

A:  At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic shut down, Basketball Victoria decided to suspend the 365 day registration period of all active participants. Those registrations will be extended by the 3 month period the sport has been inactive so the participants are not disadvantaged.

Any participant that was not registered at the time or has subsequently requested a refund will need to register prior to playing.

Q:  What date will PlayHQ rego date start with?

A:  All players must be registered in PlayHQ in order to participate in competitions, it is a 365-day licence which we have extended for the loss of time occurred (eg 4 months).

Q:  Has PlayHQ developed a report that will list the players that are competing in a game in case we have to submit it?

A:   Game Reports are available in PlayHQ showing the participants names. Their contact details will be available in the backend of PlayHQ for associations to access if needed.