Process Changes and Fees

Are these registration fees new, additional, or extra fees?

No, the individual registration fees – or Basketball Victoria Annual Licence (due for early 2020) are not ‘new, extra or additional fees’ for participants from Basketball Victoria. In some cases they are reductions from current costs.

For regional or country participants, they annual registration costs are the same fee for participants aged 18 and over – $39pp annually, and a reduction in fees for junior participants under the age of 18 – $25pp annually, as of 2020.

For participants in metropolitan Melbourne, the fees are a realignment of the current team based fees that associations charge clubs and/or participants and then passed onto Basketball Victoria. Metropolitan associations will no longer be required to forward on team based fees to Basketball Victoria twice a year (from 2020). Associations should work with their affiliated clubs (if applicable) and/or adjust their team fees to allow for the individual fees as per below if they wish.

Fees going through the system will be itemised so users will have transparency over what their registration fees cover.

What are the costs associated with the implementation of individual registration of Basketball Victoria?

The following is the fee structure that is currently underway for any individual registering to a season that commences in 2020.

Please note: all registration fees listed are an ‘inclusive’ cost. This means inclusive of GST and transaction fees.

Participant / Player and/or referee 

(A one-off, annual Basketball Victoria licence / valid payment – for anyone wanting to participate in a BV sanctioned competition).

This allows any participant to play as many times as they want, wherever they want across Victoria. The registration/competition management platform will be able to detect if participants hold a current BV license.

  • $25pp – Junior (17 and under) participant – annual, once-off payment
  • $39pp – Senior participant (18 and over) – annual, once-off payment

We would like every coach and team manager to register their details with Basketball Victoria, but it is not compulsory, they will not be required to pay a BV registration fee, however there are significant benefits in doing so (eg capturing Working With Children check information).

Users will be able to see their registration history and manage their own details via their profile in the system.

Referees will be on-boarded onto PlayHQ in the second half of 2020 (although they will benefit from the fee change via the short-term process communicated via the BV Technical Officials Department).

Aussie Hoops / Skill Development / Learn to Play

  • $5 – Introductory / skill development / Aussie Hoops or equivalent – per term/program

For participants who are learning the game but yet to play an official BV game.

Note: 1) Aussie Hoops registrations are still being taken in SportsTG at this stage, but the fee change has been reduced / implemented for Term 1 2020. This is a reduction to the current $11 per term being charged to Aussie Hoops participants. 2) The fee for other skill development / term based programs will not be implemented in PlayHQ until Term 3 2020.

Participant with a disability / wheelchair athletes

For associations with Access All Abilities / Intellectual Disability participants and/or wheelchair competitions – the Basketball Victoria annual licence is:

  • $10pp – Junior (17 and under) participant – annual, once-off payment
  • $24pp – Senior participant (18 and over) – annual, once-off payment

For associations that only organise competitions for Access All Abilities / Intellectual Disability participants – eg Power Assist and Doncaster All-Abilities, the Basketball Victoria Fee is turned off at the organisation level and we have seperate arrangement for fee collection outside of the system.

For associations who have competitions for wheelchair athletes and Access All Abilities / Intellectual Disability participants in their broader organisation, they can contact Basketball Victoria Digital Support to apply for discount vouchers to reduce the fees to correct rate.

Financial Hardship Cases

PlayHQ has the ability to add in discount coupons or promotional codes at the time of participant registration on a case by case / per association basis. This will assist in capturing players’ details, but also ensure players get on the court without socio-economic or other barriers preventing entry. We are also exploring third-party payment plan providers as possible integration into the new system in the future. The BV Digital Support Team are happy to discuss situations and scenarios to ensure no one is left behind, everyone is registered and gets on the court.

Casual Player Pass / Fill-In

  • $0 – Casual Player Pass / Fill-in – proposed – 2 games max. per year. Player must be fully registered by their 3rd game within a 12 month period. Associations can create additional charges as they like or ask for full registration upfront if they prefer.

Note: We would like to capture the details of who is playing and then have them fully register by their 3rd game, but also do not want to provide any barriers for people to play. There will be a base level of information required for a fill-in/casual player before taking the court. The system will assist with this process

Associations can also implement their own rules, processes or by-laws to ensure casual players are captured.

How does a participant pay to be registered with Basketball Victoria?

If your association or club has been set up and their season registrations are open, parents / adult participants can access a season registration link via their association or club website or by visiting (to find their association or club).

The only way to register to your club or association’s competition season is via the direct club or association link provided or located on

First time users will be directed to set up a PlayHQ profile at via the direct registration link, and then will be circled back to the registration form to easily register their dependents or themselves to the relative competition season.

Will there be different Basketball Victoria individual registration fees across the state?

No, every participant across Victoria will pay the same amount whether they are in Metropolitan Melbourne or regional / country Victoria. The fee structure is set out above. 

When will participants have to pay / register?

Payment of the BV registration fee is required by when registering to a competition season where the anniversary of a 365-day period (ie: annually) expires during that season.  The participant / user / guardian will be in charge of their own (or child’s) payments / profile and will be required to pay the BV ‘licence’ fee at the time of registration (if due) as they register for the upcoming season.

Does a participant have to register before they play? What about a fill-in player?

Yes, a participant must be registered before they play. We understand that some concerns have been raised about how we handle “fill-ins” as a sport.

The new system will assist in handling casual/fill-in players, while adhering to privacy principles of users accepting terms and conditions, providing a short term/quick registration option and ensuring there are no barriers to participation.

There are a few options and rules to assist with fill-in players and getting people on the court ASAP, but no one should compete in a game without our sport knowing who they are. We also understand that some people specifically try to get around any system, we acknowledge this occurs and aim to help you with tools and support to try to minimise this.

I’m a metropolitan association administrator and still want to charge team fees in the new system, can I?

Yes. You can choose to continue charging team fees or switch to an individual only model when gathering your fees and revenue for participation, or charge a combination of team and player registration fees. Participant fees can be rolled up into one payment amount and automatically split to club, association and BV (fees/products are itemised). We understand each association operates differently in respect to participation fees and may need assistance to alter their structure or better understand the process. Associations based in regional Victoria already operate with a BV (BVC) individual player registration fee model, so there are a number of case studies already in use across the state. We are happy to work with you to explore the best options as appropriate.

Does a metropolitan association still have to pay seasonal fees to BV?

No. Metropolitan associations will no longer have to forward on participant / pay seasonal fees to Basketball Victoria. However, affiliated associations / members will have to a pay an annual affiliation fee to Basketball Victoria.

Will this new system assist with tribunal cases and clearances?

Yes. The proposed new system will have a fully integrated member database that will assist in handling tribunal cases and clearances state-wide.

Will there be any extra information required by BV when registering?

No. The participant registration information required at the time of registration will comply with the Basketball Australia National Registration Forms. Associations and clubs will have the opportunity to add in specific data questions/fields that are relevant to their competition and participant requirements.

Who controls the participants data? What about privacy?

The participant ultimately controls their own data. This is in line with all of our obligations under the National Privacy and Privacy Principles Act (2014), plus, allows the participant to control their own basketball experience by deciding what communication they will receive across all levels: club, association, BV and BA.

However, approved administrators at club and association level will still have relevant access to their own members’ details for competition / member management and event delivery.

The Basketball Victoria Privacy Policy can be found here or at

I’m concerned about conflicting sponsors or partners, will BV or third parties be spamming my members with constant contact?

No. As the participant controls their own data/privacy levels, they will get to choose whether they ‘opt-in or opt-out’ from receiving information from their club, association, state/national body as part of the registration terms and conditions. As has always been the case, we (BV) will never pass on data or details to any third party. This will be covered in our participant terms and conditions – which can be found here.

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