Miller’s the Man for the Hawks

The Ringwood Hawks have this week announced the signing of former New York Knight G-League guard Joey Miller, an addition that the Hawks can thank former star Sam Belt for making a reality.

Belt, who was a star for the Hawks in 2009, 2012 and 2013, was closely monitoring the Hawks search for just the right player. After some work from his end, Belt eventually suggested Miller who he saw lighting up the University of Fort Smith at Arkansas. Belt was a former Assistant Coach at Fort Smith.

“Every time we played him he absolutely tore our team to pieces,” Belt said from his home in Oklahoma.

“I did some follow up and everyone spoke highly of him so it’s great that he is heading Down Under.”

Miller, a 6’3 Guard who was born in Charleston Illinois, has had an interesting basketball journey which has taken him all over the USA and abroad. After attending Charleston High School, Miller accepted a Scholarship at Illinois State to play for his father Mike who was Head Coach. After two impressive seasons, Mike Miller was replaced as Coach and Joey Miller chose to transfer to Dallas Baptist University.

In accordance with NCAA rules, Miller had to sit out a year but when he finally hit the court he was spectacular. The 8th ranked Patriots went all the way to the Championship thanks in part to his 17 points and nearly 5 assists per game. Since graduating, Miller has had seasons in Spain and Canada but most notably was his 26 game stint with the Westchester Knicks, who are the development team for the New York Knicks.

“I was practicing with team and General Manager Allen Houston liked the way I was defending some high quality NBA players,” Miller said.

“So he signed me and was able to compete against some of the best players on the NBA fringe on a nightly basis. It was a great experience and helped me develop my game even further.”

The Hawks offer has come at the perfect time for Miller who may look to head back to Europe at some stage after the Hawks commitments are complete. But for now he is focused on the new challenge that the Hawks have in front of them, the biggest in the history of the Club.

“I know these guys have had success so it’s great to join a group that knows how to be successful,” Miller said.

“I will hopefully come in and give them some extra scoring, ball movement and defensive intensity.”

Miller will join his teammates in February, just in time for a pre-season camp and will be joined by his wife Jessa. Unfortunately, Jessa will only be visiting as she has business commitments back in Dallas but will take the chance to make a few visits through the season and see some of what Australia has to offer.

When asked what he knew about Australia, Miller was quick with his reply.

“You guys have the biggest insects in the world,” he joked.

We are not sure if that is fact or fiction but the Hawks have high hopes that Miller will bug many opponents in 2019.

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