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Hawthorn Magic Basketball have moved their training techniques to digital platforms, reinforcing “if we stay ready, we won’t have to get ready”.

Hawthorn are one of many Victorian basketball associations who have adapted to our current landscape to ensure their young athletes still get their weekly dose of sport.

Towards the end of March, they announced the launch of their Basketball Hawthorn Online Training Program.

Their intention was to provide numerous visual training sessions demonstrating ways to harness on-court basketball skills from the homes and outdoor areas of their participants.

All workouts require limited space and equipment making it near impossible to come up with a reason not to take part!

On top of this, their online training offers different challenges set weekly and gives players the opportunity to do Facebook and Instagram Live training sessions.

Ball handling, speed passing and shooting form have been the first topics of Hawthorn’s training sessions.

Magic’s Head of Basketball, Dion Jewell, has assured all athletes of the Victorian basketball community some of the further areas to be explored will include footwork, strength and conditioning, and accuracy.

“It’s not time to sit on the couch. It’s time to sit up and let’s get moving,” explained Jewell.

“We’re going to test your limits, we’re going to get you out of your comfort zones, and we’re going to improve each and every day.

“If we stay ready, we won’t have to get ready when the season is good to go.”

Each of Hawthorn’s training episodes give you a duration, a list of items needed and a downloadable checklist with a series of challenges and drills to tick off, giving you practice for the course of the week.

Jewell’s instructions and key tips making it feel like you’re actually at a training session, even if it’s through a screen!


What do you need to do?

Be sure to watch these online sessions, download Magic’s checklists, and go out and perform the session. The video will sit there as a reference point for you to ensure you’re doing the drills the right way.

What about the challenges?

Complete these challenges and let Magic know how you go! Tag @basketballhawthorn and #StayReady on Facebook & Instagram and stand a chance to be featured.


Find out more on Hawthorn Magic’s website. 

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