Girls Got Game Round is back!

THE league turns purple this week as MUVJBL celebrates its Girls Got Game Round.

Friday 18 May is a celebration of all the wonderful young women who make our league thrive.

From the eager under-12s, through the ranks to our graduating under-21s and throughout the league for all women who are involved week-to-week, this is the week you’ve earned your congratulations.

There are 500 girls teams in our league, which has increased by over 20 per cent over the last five years.

For every three-pointer shot across the round, the MUVJBL will donate $2 to Helping Hoops to give children from underprivileged, all abilities and migrant backgrounds the chance to learn the game and flourish in a free, organised basketball setting.

“When we started Girls Got Game in 2014, we never knew it would be as popular or successful as it has become,” MUVJBL Manager John Hilton said.

“Young girls have benefitted from recognition and celebration of their achievements on court and this program has been a great boost for their confidence and further inspiration to play harder and improve each week.

“This week’s Girls Got Game Round shows our devotion and commitment to improving female participation and congratulating our players as well as all our female volunteers, supporters, coaches and administrators.”

In order to affect change, the MUVJBL initiated the Girls Got Game program, fully supported by Basketball Victoria, with our objectives in starting the program as follows:

To increase the profile of women and girls participation in basketball in Victoria.

To reduce the drop-out rate of girls within Victorian basketball

To provide associations with opportunities to promote women and girls in Basketball in Victoria.

Female players are identified each week at MUVJBL games with strict criteria supporting how they showed they have game with the public able to vote on the Player of the Week. The winner will be presented with a Girls Got Game T-shirt at her game the following week.

To discuss this program contact:

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