Stadium redevelopment abandoned by Frankston Council

THE following is a statement from Basketball Victoria regarding Frankston Stadium.


Basketball Victoria has been made aware of Frankston City Council withdrawing its support of the $12.7m Frankston Stadium redevelopment effective today.

Frankston City Council has chosen to withdraw its $4m contribution to the Frankston Stadium project effective immediately.

To the Frankston Basketball community and countless others living within the Frankston City Council boundaries, Basketball Victoria sympathises with your situation and promises to work with Frankston District Basketball Association (FDBA) and other remaining stakeholders in the Frankston Stadium redevelopment.

Basketball Victoria will work with Sport Recreation Victoria, the Federal Government, the Victorian State Government and other relevant parties in regards to this project.

Basketball Victoria CEO Nick Honey said council’s withdrawal from the project, in light of on-going negotiations with FDBA and Federal MP Bruce Billson, was an unsatisfactory and substandard outcome.

“To see Frankston City Council remove funding support from the much-needed basketball stadium redevelopment is extremely disappointing,” Honey said. “The residents of Frankston deserve better and most importantly – deserve a modern stadium heading into the future.

“It is our hope the project remains viable even without Frankston City Council’s financial contribution and Basketball Victoria will work in conjunction with Frankston District Basketball Association amongst others to make it happen.

“Basketball Victoria will continue working to provide its member associations with new facilities and redevelopments to guarantee the future of Victorian basketball at all levels.”

Frankston City Council ratepayers and residents should question the inability of this council to support its constituents and enhance the sporting community’s viability through infrastructure projects like Frankston Stadium.

The project still has $9m of committed funding through the Federal Government, Victorian State Government and FDBA. The project’s scale and scope going forward without Frankston City Council has yet to be determined and Basketball Victoria will comment on those developments when they are confirmed.

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