Basketball Victoria stands for marriage equality


It is what we believe at Basketball Victoria.

The ballots have been posted and many of you may have already sent them back.

The answer you give is up to you. No one is denying your ability to vote with your conscience or religious beliefs, nor is this a statement to say all basketballers should vote with our stance.

As a state sporting organisation, Basketball Victoria supports inclusion, equality and the ability for adults to marry whomever they choose.

Whether the conversation is about the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey or equality within the wider community, Basketball Victoria’s stance remains the same.

Regardless of your age, ability, religion, gender or sexual preference – all that matters to us is that you have the opportunity to join our community and you are valued as a member. That yourself and your loved ones – regardless of their gender – can join in as players, coaches, mentors, referees, administrators or any other profession within the basketball community.

We believe in fair play and equality throughout our sport…both on and off the court.

Equality it is central to our values.

We are people focused – Basketball Victoria needs to provide excellent service, support and understanding to the basketball community with the utmost respect, trust, fairness and inclusivity.

We act with integrity – within Victorian basketball we aim to foster respectful, collaborative and productive relationships and hold pride in work practice with moral and ethical behavior.

Inclusion, throughout all aspects and areas of society, benefits everyone within the community.

While we’re just one state sporting organisation in this country, we believe it is worth telling our members, our member associations, players, coaches and everyone involved in the game that we say #Yes.

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