Basketball Victoria invests $50000 in wheelchair basketball

BASKETBALL Victoria has made its next significant investment into wheelchair basketball after receiving a $50000 shipment of new playing wheelchairs.

With 42 brand new playing wheelchairs received Monday last week, Basketball Victoria – in conjunction with VicHealth and its State Sport Program funding – has greatly improved access for wheelchair basketball athletes across the state.

The wheelchairs will be distributed throughout Victoria – in both metropolitan and country regions – to give associations and programs the ability to put on more games and generate greater interest in wheelchair basketball.

With approximately $50000 invested into the sport with this shipment alone, Basketball Victoria’s Inclusion Manager Karen Pearce said the additional chairs will help increase participation and allow players of all ages, abilities and backgrounds a chance to get involved.

“It was exciting to even place the order, knowing this creates an amazing opportunity in Victorian wheelchair basketball,” Pearce said. “To have the wheelchairs shipped all the way from China, and see them land here was incredible.

“It gives players a better ability to participate in wheelchair basketball and allows us to begin new programs in new areas – as well as expand the current programs throughout Victoria.

“With a range of wheelchair sizes as well, we’ll also be able to cater for people of all ages.”

Wheelchair 2

Albert Osei-Tutu showcases one of the 42 new wheelchairs delivered to Basketball Victoria last week. Picture: BASKETBALL VICTORIA

Basketball Victoria CEO Nick Honey said the investment will provide greater opportunities throughout the wheelchair basketball community – from the grassroots level all the way through to our Paralympians and national representatives – for years to come.

“These new wheelchairs will enable our partners and associations a chance to expand their wheelchair basketball programs and let more players to hit the court,” Honey said. “We had four Victorian Paralympians compete for the Rollers at the Rio Olympic Games recently and these wheelchairs will definitely help push the next generation towards those heights as well.

“Basketball Victoria has invested in all-inclusion programs throughout its existence and we will continue to cultivate as many basketball opportunities as possible for every Victorian.”

Wheelchair basketball is a sport that caters for people with differing levels of ability – ranging from childhood onset physical disabilities through to physical impairment not traditionally seen as a disability.

VicHealth’s State Sport Program aims to motivate more Victorians to get physically active and make healthier eating choices when they’re playing sport in their local community.

For more information on joining a wheelchair basketball team, visit Basketball Victoria’s inclusion page – – or contact Alice Hammond on 9837 8000 or


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