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Welcome to the Blue Hoops Coaching Podcast – Talking Split!

Talking split

The podcast is a new initiative, designed to provide all coaches with the tool and a greater understanding of some of the hot topics. Join our team – Rob Coulter, Justin Schueller and Mike Czepil – as they delve into the issues requiring greater focus and discussion beyond what is  generally covered in a standard x’s and o’s session.

With a great guest line up and plenty to talk about, this is a series you are not going to want to miss.


Season 3

Episode 10 – Australian Opal, Canberra Capital and beloved Bendigo-arian Kelsey Griffin

Episode 9 – BV Coaching Podcast S3 Ep 9 – Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching at Deakin, Dr. Julia Walsh

Episode 8 – BV Coaching Podcast S3 Ep 8 – Sorry Dr. James, we would like to make some changes. 

Episode 7 – Essendon Football Club Physical Performance Manager Justin Crow

Episode 6 – Mid Season Review and the NBA Finals

Episode 5 – Welcome Back Potter

Episode 4 – Thought Provoking – Structure, Teaching and Social Reactions

Episode 3 – Melbourne United High Performance Manager Eric Hollingsworth

Episode 2 – 2018 U18/KCC Australian Junior Championships Review

Episode 1 – Can Pod, can’t do Geography

Season 2

Episode 10 – Mailing it in

Episode 9 – 99 problems but these 21 aren’t some 

Episode 8 – First Weekend Review of NCAA Tournament

Episode 7 – Stacks on Deck

Episode 6 – Competition Time – NCAA March Madness

Episode 5 – Take that for Data

Episode 4 – You Da Vicker-Man

Episode 3 – Video Killed the Lazy Defender

Episode 2 – Managing Court Time and Sleep

Episode 1 – The Return and a New Segment


Season 1

Episode 8 – Surviving the Holiday Break & Peter Lonergan

Episode 7 – Game Coaching Strategy & New FIBA rules

Episode 6 – It’s Called Defence! and Tony Ronzone

Episode 5 – Offensive Systems and Gerard Hillier

Episode 4 – Session Planning and Adam McKay

Episode 3 – Coaching Values and Hannah Zacevz

Episode 2 – Shooting and Durham McInnis

Episode 1 – Team Selection Trials